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Emma-Sophia Nagels wrote an article on the database of Straatpoezie.nl

This is so cool and makes me so happy!

Emma-Sophia Nagels, a Dutch Comparative Literature student who did an MA in Digital Linguistics in Antwerp, contacted me earlier this year about the database hidden behind my website Straatpoezie.nl, which is a crowdsourcing website for street poetry in the Netherlands and Flanders (Straatpoëzie). I am very pro open access – that’s why my dissertation is a free e-book – and I always share that database with others, so I e-mailed it to her.

Then Emma-Sophia worked her academic magic and investigated

whether the poems that are chosen in the streetscape somehow reflect on or represent a part of its surroundings. One of the most straightforward ways (for now) is to check if and how often particular words appear in a certain condition. In this article we’re going to zoom in on the presence of two specific words, ‘stad’ (city) and ‘zee’ (sea), given the condition of the poem being located in an urban area or not.

She published her article on the website Towards Data Science and then the editors spotlighted the article, because they love it so much! So do I! Hurray for scientific co-operation!

Click hear to read the article.