OSL Award 2023 voor ‘Best Peer-Reviewed Article’

Mijn artikel ‘A Media-Specific Analysis of Candlelight Poetry on the Radio. The World’s Longest-running Radio Poetry Show’, dat ik in december 2022 publiceerde in Journal of Radio & Audio Media, kreeg de OSL Award 2023 voor ‘Best Peer-Reviewed Article’ toegekend.

Het artikel is open access (klik hier).

De jury schreef over mijn artikel:

The jury was impressed by the uniqueness of the case study and the utilisation of quali-quantitative methods. The article was well written and engaging, offering valuable original data in the form of survey results combined with insightful analysis of both the literary and formal dimensions of radio poetry.

Abstract van mijn artikel:

Since 1967 Jan van Veen has been reciting poems for the Dutch radio program Candlelight, the world’s longest-running radio poetry show. Candlelight poems almost always contain end rhymes and revolve around emotional themes. This article examines Candlelight poetry specifically as radio poetry. Three aspects are explored: the wide reach, the accessibility and the meaningful relationship between the linguistic and material code of the poems. The results of a survey conducted among Candlelight listeners are presented. And a material reading is given of a Candlelight poem, recited during a memorial broadcast on the MH17 plane crash in Ukraine in 2014.

Het artikel is open access (klik hier).